News September 2021: Prof. dr. René Marti Award 2021


News September 2021: Clinical Research Grant SECEC-ESSSE

We are honored to announce that one of our PhD-candidates Ted van Iersel and his team received the SECEC-ESSSE (European Society for Surgery of the Shoulder and Elbow) clinical research grant of 2021 for the MATASI trial, lead by Prof. Dr. van den Bekerom! This is the third Dutch group ever to receive the grant. Congratulations Ted and colleagues!

In this randomised controlled study (MATASI trial), expected to start in 2022, they wil investigate a new rehabilitation protocol focussing on fear reduction for (re)dislocation of the shoulder. This will be done in collaboration with multiple hospitals and many physiotherapists throughout the Netherlands.

The announcement of the clinical research grant will be published on the website of the SECEC-ESSSE:

News May 2021: Defense of PhD thesis successful

On Wednesday 26 May, orthopedic surgeon Derek van Deurzen successfully defended his thesis. His thesis ‘long head biceps publication and rotator cuff Surgery’ is published online and contains 8 high quality scientific papers. During the online defense, Derek was able to answer questions from the opponents well, resulting in the PhD title. The projects focus on the value of re-securing the long biceps tendon after surgery. This seems to increases surgical time and has no obvious advantages. We would like to congratulate Derek on this great achievement! The link to the full thesis (with a Dutch summary on page 196) can be found here: A link to the online defense can be found here:

News October 2020: Collaboration with Human Movement Sciences and a new professor

The Amsterdam Shoulder and Elbow Center of Expertise (ASECE) has started a collaboration with the Department of Human Movent Sciences of the VU amsterdam. A member of the ASECE has been appointed chair of ‘Sports Traumatology of the Upper Extremity‘. The chair has been established with funding from the OLVG with effect from September 1, 2020 and aims to promote research into the causal mechanisms and the prevention and treatment of sports injuries, particularly elbow and shoulder injuries. The funding of OLVG will enable prof. Van den Bekerom to fully focus on research activities one day per week.

News October 2019: The ASECE has opened its doors!

The Amsterdam Shoulder and Elbow Center of Expertise has opened its doors in OLVG! The board of topclinical hospitals (STZ) has appointed the OLVG to be the center of expertise regarding (complex) shoulder and elbow pathology. Several hospitals already refer these cases to our center, which consists of members from the the Department of Othopedics, Radiology, Traumatology, Sports medicine, Rehabilitation, Neurolgy and the pain clinic. We would like to thank STZ for appointing us and we will strive to continue improving our care.

News May 2019: STZ innovatie challenge (Dutch)

This month we applied for the STZ innovatie (innovation) challenge. This is a grant application that is organized by a top clinical healthcare organisation (STZ). We managed to get to the second round, which consisted of making a video of maximum two minutes in length. On the left you can see the video that we made (the video is in Dutch). A symposium was organized for all the applicants, where everybody could show their innovation. We have seen a lot of amazing and innovative ideas. A fine contribution to future healthcare!